Before we can finish discing the field, the mesquite must be removed. Now for all you folks like me who don’t know why, this is why:

The thorns. They can take out a tire at twenty paces. Trailer tire, disc tire, truck tire, pivot tire, tractor tire–it matters not. The thorns are gonna win.
So I spent my day driving (very carefully) through the field picking up mesquite. In 95 degree weather. With snake chaps on and .45 holstered.
I was then rewarded with getting to unload the trailer full of mesquite into a big pile. In 95 degree weather. With snake chaps on and .45 holstered.
What can I say. I lead a very exciting life. And I no longer have to go to the gym after work.

2 comments on “My thrilling day”

  • Bill

    Hang in there Jennifer! Disney is at the end of the tunnel!

  • Anonymous

    Jennifer, I enjoyed your post so much! I HATE mesquite trees – they sap the little water our land has. My dad used to say they are going to "take the country". He hated to see all the mesquites coming up where they didn't used to be. Disney sounds like a good incentive!

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