• Scrub a dub dub

    Part of Organic Growing 101 is that any implement used on an organic field is either an implement strictly utilized for growing organics, or one you’ve thoroughly hosed off to eliminate any possible contamination. The same policy applies to any newly purchased pieces. This particular implement is a mole board plow. We had hoped to
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  • The training of the vines

    The time has come to tame the creepers. Notice the forest green ties holding each vine to its bamboo stick. I suppose if the 107 degree weather wasn’t a clue already, the color of the winter wheat would be a helpful indicator that summer is upon us.

  • Caught in the act

    Because life on the vineyard is ruff. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. But while we’re at it, check out Cotton’s paws. Me thinks she’s gonna be a big ‘un.

  • De peanuts, de peanuts!

    The day has come. Finally. The peanuts are being planted as we speak. With two days to spare even before the crop insurance folks get cranky. We have so focused on getting these seeds in the ground that everything else (besides the sunflower field) has been added to a mythical post-planting list. “We’ve got to
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  • Shift change

    The first day of plowing we did together, seated side by side, learning the nuances of a new tractor. We had a blast working together. Then it was just time to get the work done. So we split up into shifts. Nathan taking nights and me the days. Or parts of days rather. (There are still
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  • Plowing

    Yesterday was our first day plowing in the sweetest tractor you ever did see. Our progress toward the end of the day. That may not look impressive, but you have to remember we’re driving between two and four mph, and the plow is only 7.5 feet wide. One pass (in one direction) takes about ten
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  • Hail Mary

    It’s been a rough few weeks on the farm. Big John still isn’t back from the shop. We’re so far past Plan B at this point, we’ve run out of letters. T-minus 15 days and counting until the peanuts have to be in the ground. And the field isn’t even plowed yet. Meet our Hail
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