• Grape harvest

    Last week we got to watch the grape harvest finale for our neighbors. Many thanks to Clint and Alexis Bingham for making this possible. Harvest started about 9pm after the vines had been tucked into bed. Grapes are often harvested at night for premium sugar and ph levels. Something about how the vines rest after
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  • Bulldozing bulletin: Week 4

    We have come to the end of our bulldozing fete. Can I get an amen? In order to finish all the projects, Nathan resumed 24-hour shift work. The Bingham crew generously volunteered to help so the dozer dozed around the clock. Meanwhile, the scraper has done a marvelous job at getting stuck repeatedly. The dozer
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  • Bulldozing bulletin: Week 3

    We’ve logged some serious hours in the bulldozer and tractor over the past few weeks. I’m not sure how I feel about now knowing the daily talk radio programming schedule by heart.

  • The scraper

    While Nathan is busy bulldozing, I’ve been tasked with scraping. Meet the scraper. Now it’s not a thing of beauty, but it does a tremendous job hauling sand. It’s hard to tell from the following photo but there is a ginormous sand dune we need to relocate in preparation for future grapevines. And by ginormous
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  • Art

    Nathan’s been working on a new piece of abstract art. He calls it “Old Fence.”   We’re so proud.

  • Better than Christmas

    Nathan just received his very first oscilloscope in the mail. He could not be more thrilled. I’m still not quite sure what one is but it has something to do with depicting changes in electric quantity. Here he is measuring his brain activity. He’s a smart one, my husband. Does the flat line concern anyone
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