• Wine pairing

      We had another fun pairing with the Buena Suerte Trebbiano! This included a Lemon Pepper seasoned rotisserie chicken and a kale salad. The twist is the combination of grapefruit and fresh avocado in the salad! You won’t believe how wonderful it is until you try it. The recipe for the salad is listed below.
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  • Our first grape harvest

    For you inquiring minds . . . This year we harvest by hand because the vines are still delicate. Next year we anticipate a mechanical harvest. The timing of grape harvest depends upon sugar and ph levels in the fruit. Oftentimes wineries dictate what levels they want based on what kind of wine they intend
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  • Rain Day!

    Our first of the year. We are thrilled. Rain days mean Daddy’s home and that means I get unanticipated hours to work on manuscripts. Score.

  • This week . . .

    The vineyard rows are getting a haircut. We’re doing a whole lot of snuggling. The grape clusters are showing off. Napping is plentiful. The peanuts are gloriously green. And Sophie was introduced to our evening walks . . . though I’m fairly confident she doesn’t know it yet.

  • Spring growth

    After last year’s drought I am just amazed by how happy and green the vegetation is this spring. Baby grapes are popping up all over second leaf vines. You’ll notice a higher guide wire has been added to the trellis system to accommodate this year’s growth. And the vines aren’t the only ones growing. My
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  • Ring of fire

    Last night we witnessed a solar eclipse in our backyard. Magical. That’s the only word to describe it.

  • Vineyard love

    Even I am now sick of talking about the move and new house. Enough already. Back to the reason we’re here: beautiful second leaf. Our newest vines. This is a nursery row grown to replace any vines that don’t make it in the future. 

  • This week

    If you’re wondering what we’re up to this week, here’s a quick summary: Pesticide training and licensure Chili pepper planting preparation Last-minute foundation tweaking Backyard tilling Preparations for next week’s Spring Break extravaganza Septic prep fun And lots and lots of manuscript editing Due to that last point, I’ve not been out to the vineyard
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  • That smile says it all

    We are really, really close on the house now. Like three more weeks, give or take a few days. If it weren’t for the number of unedited manuscripts on my desk today, I just might start packing.