• Green cheer

    The crew has slowly been making their way around the deer fence perimeter painting the support beams. As much as we love the rusty industrial look . . . the cheery green gets my vote. Love those happy faces on such a cold day!

  • Irrigation system

    The vineyard’s irrigation system is more complicated than I expected. There are two levels to it: a shallow system for young vines (and drought conditions), and a deeper watering system for mature vines. Both levels are necessary in their own way. These are the routing valves. They control pounds of water pressure for each strip
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  • Houston, we have cabinets

    In the new kitchen we’re going with lower cabinets only along three walls (no uppers). On the fourth wall we designed floor to ceiling walnut cabinetry. This is the original vision, a sketch I poured over (and erased and re-drew and erased and re-drew) for months. The carpenter made it come to life. This week
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  • Digging holes

    In preparation for the new house we’re putting in the water line from the well to the house site. Nathan was able to use machinery for most of the dig, but there remained a half dozen sections to shovel by hand. We really think that’s what Cotton believes we do all day: dig holes. Within
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  • Breathing deeply again

    I’d just like to point out the marvelous reason I’m getting to post so frequently these days: That’s right. The fiber is officially installed at the vineyard. I can breathe again. Case in point: I’m uploading blog photos (on the first attempt!), streaming pandora music and buying a shower curtain for the new house all
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