• Bulldozing bulletin: Week 3

    We’ve logged some serious hours in the bulldozer and tractor over the past few weeks. I’m not sure how I feel about now knowing the daily talk radio programming schedule by heart.

  • The scraper

    While Nathan is busy bulldozing, I’ve been tasked with scraping. Meet the scraper. Now it’s not a thing of beauty, but it does a tremendous job hauling sand. It’s hard to tell from the following photo but there is a ginormous sand dune we need to relocate in preparation for future grapevines. And by ginormous
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  • Art

    Nathan’s been working on a new piece of abstract art. He calls it “Old Fence.”   We’re so proud.

  • Better than Christmas

    Nathan just received his very first oscilloscope in the mail. He could not be more thrilled. I’m still not quite sure what one is but it has something to do with depicting changes in electric quantity. Here he is measuring his brain activity. He’s a smart one, my husband. Does the flat line concern anyone
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  • Preparation

    We are in full preparation mode right now for next year’s grape planting. That means this: Needs to look like this: Which is why we have this: It’s gonna be a mighty fun month.

  • One wild guess

    This is the last thing we expected on the farm. But man oh man are we stoked about it. Welcome to fiber optic speeds. They are laying the cable this week. Hooah!

  • Vineyard greens

    For those with vineyards on the High Plains, grape harvest started early this year. The drought and heat have played a doozy of a hand and an earlier harvest, unfortunately, means lower yields. At Buena Suerte, we won’t harvest this year. In fact, when we do see grape clusters forming on our first leaf vines,
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  • Wire winding for dummies

    Six months ago we began taking down the barbed wire fencing around the property. By hand, thanks to the delayed receipt of our new fangled wire winder. This week we continued taking down fencing but this time with the coveted wire winder. It hooks to the back of the tractor, and with the aid of
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