• Some things never change

    Our farming adventures may be a path no one saw coming–this is certainly a far cry from our corporate experience in Nashville–but some things will never change. After twenty years in the technology field, the very first project Nathan implemented at the vineyard was setting up the communication center. I suspect we’re the only farm
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  • Pivot repair by morning

    And don’t think I was actually present for said repair. Nay, I was home still nestled among sheets and quilts, blissfully unaware that my husband was already at the vineyard in full-on farming mode. Photo swiped from my dad’s unsuspecting iphone. Nice shot, Pape.

  • Antique wonder

    Over the July 4th holiday, while most normal people were off celebrating, my parents joined us for several days of work. Aren’t we a fun bunch. The goal: To put the new-to-us antique cultivator on our antique tractor. My grandfather bought this Super M tractor the year my dad was born. Without a manual or
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